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 30" Flatmaster Drum Sander with Fences

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30" Flatmaster Drum Sander with Fences

4 Review(s)

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Customer Reviews

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  1. One of the Best Pieces of Equipment in My Shop Review by Jeff

    I purchased the 30" Flatmaster after visiting a wood working show in Columbus, Ohio. I had seen it demonstrated in previous years in smaller versions and felt that it was not large enough for most of my woodworking projects. When I saw they built a 30" machine I decided that I had to have one. Unfortunately I had to wait 4-5 weeks for delivery because they were back ordered on some parts. It shipped to my home and when it arrived the original box was banged up so I was expecting to see damage but to my surprise everything seemed intact. I proceeded to assemble the machine and mount the new motor I purchased. I mounted a standard switch on the front plate covering the belt and pulley which all fit well. The unit I purchased came with their new metal top which fit over the melamine top with six bolts.
    From there my horror story started (but don't worry it has a happy ending). I could not get the top flat at the opening where one side of the opening was not higher or lower than the other side. They had advised me that I might need to shim the top to get it level which I tried to do unsuccessfully. I spent hours and hours trying to adjust that top so it would lay flat. Finally I gave up and called the company. They were most helpful and friendly. At their suggestion, they felt that the unit may have gotten knocked out of square during shipment and that I should loosen all of the bolts holding it together and let it adjust to the table top I was using it on and then re-tighten the bolts from the bottom up. Then re-try the shimming procedure to see if it would not correct the problem. I did this and sure enough I was able to get it pretty close to dead flat. There were a few problem spots where the top would not get completely flat but it was close enough that I could work around them. I really started to use this machine a lot even though I have a 30" overhead belt sander in my shop. It is quick and you don't have to spend time raising or lowering the height of the machine and the sand paper never clogs. It sands material perfectly flat and with a 90 degree fence it will edge sand a perfect right angle that is better than my joiner.
    Now the best part of my story is I returned to the woodworking show this year and stopped by their booth. I shared the nagging issue I was having with parts of my top surface not levelling across the open sanding surface. They immediately shared with me that they had come out with a new top this year that would correct that problem and would ship one to me at no charge. Within two weeks I received the new top which fit over the old top perfectly and bingo my machine was perfectly flat. Both sides were perfectly level and there was no deflection across the opening which was often the issue when pressure was exerted to the top of the board. Now I can truly say that this is One of the Best Machines in my Shop and that Stockroom Supply stands behind their products even a year after the sale! I can not live without this Sander! Go buy one and start enjoying sanding again! (Posted on 2/22/16)

  2. Will Do EXACTLY As Advertised Review by Steve

    I drooled over this sander for several years starting with a show in Seattle where I watched a guy named Paul put it thru its paces. At the time it must have been fairly new...cause I couldn't find any reviews out there in which to gauge opinions. Paul made it look simple and his demos showed how valuable a tool this machine could be. But I have also watched guys at the county fair slice and dice on different kitchen aids only to realize it was their expertise that made the device and not the other way around. But over the past few years there are more reviews out their by guys a lot more adventurous than I. I was finally convinced so I just bought a 30" model with fence attachments. I'm so glad they included a CD instead of just the written instructions I had downloaded and poured over prior to its arrival.
    Some part needed powder coating so it took nearly a month to finally get it. (Im a trades business owner and know that "stuff" happens).
    First the unexpected: (1) My unit was missing a pulley and the pulley guard. I went to my Grainger Supply and bought the pulley. The Guard is still coming.
    (2) In the assembly I finally realized why Paul didn't put the bottom two mounting bolts in....not having ever done it before, it did take a little bit, so be prepared!
    (3) The new metal top was a surprise since I thought I would be getting a melamine top. In assembly the pre-drilled holes did not line up, so I had 3 pretty bent bolts. The problem was the melamine "under" top...So, I found the closest fit and then over drilled the holes.
    (4) The metal top was 1.25mm off from one side of the drum "slot" to the other side. So, I was either bumping into the high side when coming from the low side, or dropping off the high side across the roller on the low side coming from the other direction. I did put a straight edge across the top and with a light sent this picture to Stockroom. I was told to shim the top....Which I tried to no appreciable and satisfactory result. What I tried next was fastening the top down and then using a big dead blow mallet and a straight edge, literally got the metal to flatten to where it looks dead on with my Woodpecker Straight Edge.
    (5) The dust-proof 56Frame motor I bought from Grainger has a junction box mounted on the side that sticks up enough to not allow the Fence to slide past the point of that J-box.
    (6) The two supplied washers for the Fence tie-downs, if used keep me from getting the knobs into the fence....One is all that is needed.
    Now for the good stuff:
    (1) My first cutting board sanding proved this was all worth the effort to get this machine set-up. Again WELL WORTH the effort. Changing paper was pretty easy after getting the angle to cut on the paper...pretty simple and fast.
    (2) My contacts with both Stockroom and Woodline US was GREAT. I never felt anything but thankful for their attention.
    Lastly, a SUGGESTION for Stockroom: There needs to be 6 more attachment points, 3 on each side, closer to the drum slot. This will do two things:
    (1) Tie the metal top to the melamine securely for lining up the existing 6 thru holes that tie the top to the frame.
    (2) The existing holes have shown to be too far back from the drum slot and since the supplied melamine top IS FLAT the three new holes would pull the metal top down flat on the melamine where it is needed most: The Drum Slot.
    I actually was going to do this and may yet. I will keep an eye on my top and see if it stays in place. It's no big deal to drill the six holes and then chamfer the top for below top placement of the bolt heads.
    I hope this helps everybody....I have learned a lot in the last few days. Most importantly I have realized that I made the right choice in a large surface sanding machine. Thank you Stockroom. Steve Frey, Medford, Oregon.
    (Posted on 11/25/14)

  3. Excellent Machine Review by Donald

    I purchased an 18' Vdrum kit way back. It was awesome. A few years later the Flatmaster came out. I did not hesitate. I bought a 30" with fences. It arrived and sat in the box for some time. I had a project building teak companionway doors for a friend's sailboat. The teak killed my jointer and planer blades. I assembled the Flatmaster, loaded up some 60 grit and away I went. I surfaced the material for the doors and a dinning table, and still had lots of grit to spare. All with a 1/2HP motor to boot. I realized I no longer needed a jointer so I sold it. The fences really help you to work the full width of the sander.
    I shamelessly recommend to everyone.
    Great machine, great company to deal with - seriously. They really stand behind their products 110%.
    (Posted on 6/29/13)

  4. Super Smooth Sander Review by Island Woodpecker

    I purchased this sander after watching the demo at a seminar. This machine was shipped directly to my door. Packaging was excellent. It comes with an instructional dvd which makes assembly simple and accurate. The fit of all parts is excellent. The set up was easy following instructions shown on the dvd.
    My first project was a set of doors for the stand I built for the sander. A couple of passes on the sander and I had to 2 doors that fit perfectly flat on the stand.
    I'm no pro carpenter, but this machine really performs as described and is easy to use. I would recommend it highly. It will be a valued part of my woodworking shop. (Posted on 12/16/10)

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