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Cyclone Packages

*Prices for Clear Vue items based on exchange rate & subject to change based on market fluctuations.

*We place an order with CearVue approx. once per month or as demand dictates.  50% deposit taken at the time of order.  We broker this ourselves, allowing the customer to save brokerage/duty fees that may be incurred by having this shipped directly from the USA.  Shipping fees apply for all ClearVue products.

Based on the revolutionary Bill Pentz design, our cyclone dust collection systems separate > 99% of saw dust and chips made by woodworking tools before they reach the filters. Test results prove that the Pentz design is the most efficient on the market today. We separate fine airborne particles five times more efficiently than the traditional cyclone system.  

Quality :

Cyclones Clear Vue's cyclone is unique in the industry. The PETG plastic used is the same found in police riot shields due to its tough, impact resistant (but not unbreakable) material. It is quieter than steel, does not rust or dent, and greatly reduces the weight of the system compared to steel cyclones. Our complete system weighs about 110 lbs., including the motor. Most importantly, the five (5) horsepower Clear Vue Cyclone systems are clear, which allows users to see the operation.

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